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Finally a reading program that can teach your child to read in as little as 20 minutes per day. This phonics reading program can take your child from a beginning reader to a proficient reader within months.

Your Children Will Learn To Read With This Phonics Based Reading System on DVD

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The program works by allowing the kids to sound out the words and then practice those same words and sounds in the DVD and workbook. Each lesson on the DVD is targets a single sound and then reviews it with different words so that your child remembers it. To keep their attention the sound is mixed in with words and short stories. This is all done in 15 minutes per day so that your child does not grow bored or glossy eyed as they would with a long winded program.

The Skip and Daisy Phonics reading program does cover sight words since they are words that are not phonetically sounded out and all kids need to know them in order to read. We do it in a very methodical manner that does not over whelm them with large lists; we work it into the lessons and stories.

Your child’s confidence in their reading abilities will grow with each lesson! We guarantee it! We offer a full money back guarantee.

Includes: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 DVDs and workbooks
Works on PC, MAC and DVD players

Level 1 Sample Lesson

Level 2 Sample Lesson

Level 3 Sample Lesson